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Indian head massage focuses on the head, neck, scalp and face by working on the key acupressure points to relieve tension and stress. Our therapists will tailor the aromatherapy oils to suit your mood, and combined with a variety of Ayurveda pressure and techniques used to tap into your energy paths, you will be left with a balanced mind, body and soul. By working the fragrant oils over the pressure points across the head, neck and shoulders, not only is this mood-lifting treatment deeply relaxing, you will be left feeling at peace.

This is a 30 minute treatment which is similar to the De-stress Scalp, Face & Neck Treatment; as such we recommend individuals choose between these two treatments rather than combining them.

Please note; not all of our talented therapists specialise in the same areas of therapy, so this treatment is subject to availability. If your therapist does not specialise in this treatment we are able to offer the De-stress Scalp, Face & Neck Treatment as a similar alternative.

This treatment is suitable during pregnancy from 12 weeks.


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