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This calming foot and leg treatment is not your usual pedicure*. Rather than being cosmetic, this therapeutic treatment results in nourished, pampered and healthy feet. We begin with a warm foot bath, where energy is drawn down from the head to the feet and the body begins to calm. Gentle stretching and relaxation massage movements are applied to the head, neck and back. The feet are exfoliated with a nourishing scrub and a lymphatic massage is applied using a refreshing butter. This restful and recuperating treatment can be performed either in lying or sitting and is beneficial for all. We find it’s particularly effective in pregnancy for easing swollen, puffy ankles and tired aching feet.

*This treatment does not include nail painting.

This is a 30 or 60 minute treatment which is similar to the Reflexology Treatment; as such we recommend individuals choose between these two treatments rather than combining them.

Pregnancy: This treatment is suitable during pregnancy.





My therapist was wonderful and completely put me at ease.

A Swinard
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