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David Brown

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Dave is our very clever numbers man.  Having worked in accounts for the majority of his professional life, he is brilliant with anything analysis or figure related, and we happily pass all of those matters on to him.  When not being outnumbered by the females in the office, busy man Dave can be found lovingly tending to his ever-growing allotment (he’s even on the committee!), going to the theatre and bustling with the crowd at various gigs around the country.

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Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie joined Gillie in the company’s infancy to help develop and grow new business, and being the technical brains in our team, it seems there’s nothing IT or finance related that Lizzie can’t do. With a scientific background and family history in natural health, her technical and holistic skills combined are the ideal partner for Gillie’s vision for MPS. Understanding the needs of customers, therapists and holiday providers, Lizzie has crafted the strategies, procedures and systems to help MPS function as it does today, and thankfully for us, she’s a very patient person. A lover of the countryside and its pursuits, Lizzie, along with her husband Paul, their two girls and daft Labrador, Crumble, enjoys life outdoors whenever the opportunity arises.