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Corporate treatments tailored to suit your business needs

Our corporate treatments packages cover a range of time effective treatment solutions to cover everything from stress management and staff well-being, to staff reward schemes and much more. We know how important it is to keep the TEAM happy and motivated, and our treatments help to relieve built up tension… leaving you recharged, re-focused, and ready to get back to what you do best.
Our corporate treatments packages are an excellent way to thank staff, provide a Christmas Party with a twist or simply help to alleviate workplace pressures. Each workplace and its needs are different, so contact our team for a tailored package and price (see below for examples).

How it works

Throughout the working day, tension builds in our back, neck, shoulders, feet and hands, and it’s these areas that we work hardest to relieve, fully clothed at your desk or in the privacy of a meeting room. Our professional team of hand-picked therapists bring everything they need to visit you at your workplace, from our indulgent Neal’s Yard products to healthy teas to keep you hydrated and alert.  Our corporate treatments are designed to deliver the best results in the time allowed, as we know that your time is precious.  Packages are flexible and treatments are based on a 20 minute session, but this can be adjusted to meet your company’s needs.

Corporate Treatments

We offer two different styles of corporate treatments, one clothed at your desk, or our therapists bring their heated treatment beds to provide spa quality treatments in the comfort of your location.


The Energising Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage: Fully clothed at desk, head is supported on a pillow and NYR Eucalyptus Salve is applied around neck and temples to clear the mind, regain focus & promote relaxation.

15, 20 or 30 minutes

The Refreshing Hand & Arm Massage or Foot & Leg Massage: This is experienced in the seated position. Tired hands and feet are energised and refreshed with Eucalyptus Salve and the NYR Aromatic Body Butter.

15, 20 or 30 minutes

File & Polish
Feel good and look gorgeous; tidy either the hands or feet with choice of either nail paint or buff.
15, 20 or 30 minutes


De-stress Scalp, Face & Neck Massage
A great stress reliever, this relaxing treatment begins with warming effleurage to the face, neck, shoulders and head, followed by pressure point work applied to the scalp.
20 or 30 minutes
Heavenly Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
This intensive massage works deep into these high tension areas with dry skin brushing and body scrub to boost circulation.
20 or 30 minutes

Revitalise Facial
An ideal treatment to refresh and revive the complexion leaving it moisturised and glowing.
20 or 30 minutes

Our corporate treatments packages can also be tailored to include any of our standard treatments from our mix and match treatment menu.


Feedback from our Valued Clients

“Just to say that all the staff thoroughly enjoyed their respective massage from Emma yesterday.

As one of our ladies said afterwards, dealing with the children ‘would be a walk in the park’ after her massage.

Everyone who has had a massage (including myself) spend the remainder of the day feeling absolutely great – the only downside being that we are still at work. But even that doesn’t feel so bad really.”

Anne Crockford, Schneider Electric, November 2017


“We worked with Personal Sanctuary at our Luxury Boot Camps in Herefordshire and our guests loved the variety of treatments available. It really helped them to unwind after a hard day of exercise. Always very professional, punctual and courteousness, it was a pleasure to work with them.”

Zoe Evans, Co-Owner Xtreme Boot Camps


“I personally had a hand treatment, which I would never normally consider, but now I feel is a must! Liz was absolutely lovely, very smiley and was very easy to chat to. The other girls (and boy) that had massages came out of “the treatment room” looking very happy and rejuvenated. Liz managed to transform the tiny space she was provided with into a tranquil area, that smelt amazing, even after her departure. We can not thank Liz enough for the little piece of Heaven she brought to our office, a much needed treat!”

Emma Moir, Kate & Tom's


“We had a wonderful time thank you, all the girls felt very relaxed and floopy after their treatments and we really enjoyed the opportunity to just hang out together chilling out before our special supper in the evening. The ladies that came over were lovely and did an amazing job because there was an awful lot of us! Thanks again.”

Hetti Simpson, Norfolk Hideaways


“When Gillie came into the agency, we were all really excited as it was a brand new experience for most of us. In the creative industry, we never really get time to stop and smell the roses as it’s constant go-go-go. Gillie helped us to chill out and slow down for once. She was absolutely lovely and had such a calming aura about her that simply talking to her made us feel relaxed. Initially, we thought it might be a bit uncomfortable to have a massage in one of the meeting rooms but Gillie talked us through what we needed to know and there were points where we almost forgot where we were. Most of us weren’t entirely able to shut off our talkative minds but it had such a positive impact on the rest of our day regardless. Whilst floating around the agency and comparing notes on the treatment, we were still as productive as always, just a lot less tense in the shoulders! At the end of our sessions, we were given fruit, herbal teas and soothing creams; such a sweet addition to the whole experience. Gillie’s hands are magical and we would definitely recommend My Personal Sanctuary to any hard-working office. We almost barricaded the door so she couldn’t leave. Come back, Gillie, come back!”

Neil Marra, Creative Spark, Manchester


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