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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to My Personal Sanctuary and thank you for choosing to have our organic and truly indulgent treatments during your stay in one of our beautiful affiliate properties. From the moment we arrive at your door, our aim is to envelop you in calm, serenity and absolute relaxation, and all we ask is that you sit back, relax, and enjoy your experience, feeling your aches and pains dissolve under the skilled fingers of our male and female therapists.
Our luxury treatments have been carefully designed to maximise your relaxation and personal fulfilment, and our fantastic Neal’s Yard Remedies products are suitable for all, whatever your age, stage in life, or skin type.

This information aims to outline what to expect from your day and our service, and we hope that it answers any questions you may have. In addition, please rest assured that we do not share any customer information with third parties

What should I wear?MPS-131
We would like you and your guests to be as cosy and comfortable as possible, so we suggest that wearing a dressing gown is perfect for the event. If you would prefer to cover up a little more, pyjamas are an ideal second option. Keep feet cosy and warm before your treatment with some thick socks or slippers.

Jewellery – should I keep it on or take it off?
We ask that you take all jewellery off and put in a safe place so that our therapists can work without any restrictions. We cannot accept responsibility for anything that gets lost or damaged.

Will each guest need to complete a health form?
Yes, every adult having a treatment must complete our MPS Health & Treatment Consultation Form which we send out to you with your Day Schedule, this way you can notify us of any health concerns you might have. You can also find a copy of the form on our website under Health and Safety.

Is there an age limit to having treatments?
Some of our treatments are not available to those under the age of 16 years due to health and safety regulations. For our guests under 16 years old, we can offer our “Mini, Little Me or Teen Treats” menu: facial, mini massage, hand or feet treat, or kiddie nail paint. Please see our treatment package page for more details.

Can I eat before having treatments?
It’s not easy to completely relax during our lovely treatments with a rumbling tummy, so we ask that you have something light to eat beforehand. It’s a good idea to have plenty of refreshments available for after the pampering session, so that your body can feel truly nourished.

Should I take make-up off before having a treatment?
This is entirely up to you. If you are having a treatment that involves facial massage, we will cleanse your skin of any impurities and make-up anyway, so please feel free to do what suits you best.

Can I have treatments if I’m pregnant?
Of course you can! There are certain guidelines we need to adhere to however, so if you are under 12 weeks pregnant we will only be able to offer you treatments coded as P = Suitable for pregnant ladies up to 12 weeks. If you are over 12 weeks pregnant, we can offer you treatments coded as P+ = Suitable for pregnant ladies from 12 weeks (see treatment packages for more information). We have listed the treatment packages suitable for pregnancy here too for ease.

Can I have treatments if I’m injured?
If you have any kind of injury we would need to know about it prior to confirming your treatments. We would have to speak with you about your needs and expectations for your treatments, and how we can adapt to suit you. If you have a particularly severe injury, we may need to ask for a doctor’s note in advance of the treatment day.  Please let our team know if you have any injuries or health issues prior to your day.

Can I drink alcohol before or after a treatment?
Yes, you can drink alcohol before and after treatments (what pamper day would be complete without a glass of bubbly or two?!), we just ask that you are respectful of our therapists and that you remain in control.

Can I take photographs or videos during my treatment day?

We love to hear how your day has gone & best of all see your pics!  Please always ask for consent from your party members and therapist/s before filming or photographing.  You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google & Instagram.

Do I need to leave a parking space for the therapist?
We ask that you leave a space as close to the cabin or house as possible for the therapist to unload her beauty products and heavy equipment.  Thank You.

How long before my treatments start will my therapist arrive?
Most therapists are local, so should only be a stone’s throw away.  The therapists will arrive 30 minutes prior to start time with all the equipment: bedding, heated blankets, products, spare health questionnaires & relaxing music to set the treatment room.

Where will the treatments happen?
Relax… most of our therapists will have visited where you are staying before, so will know the more suitable rooms to set up in.  Alternatively, you may have a preference as to where you would like the treatments to happen.  Please ensure that the room(s) to be used for treatments are free, tidy, preferably away from noise & ready for the therapists to set up in.  If available, it would be ideal for each therapist to have a separate room, so during your treatments you can truly relax and switch off.

Treatment Day Guide

Organisers Responsibilities

Deposit: The Treatment Day Organiser will pay a non-refundable deposit of £25 per therapist required for the treatment day, which we deduct off the final bill at the end. Please see terms and conditions for further details.

Property Address Details: As Treatment Day Organiser, you are responsible for providing us and your Guests with accurate details for the treatment day. If your party are staying over several properties, please make sure you tell us which one you would like us to visit. The Treatment Day Organiser shall also provide two contact numbers at the point of booking.

Health Notifications: The Treatment Day Organiser should state if they or another Guest/s has any medical condition and/ or if they are pregnant before making a booking (or as soon as this information become available if a booking has already been placed). The Treatment Day Organiser acknowledges that not all treatment/s will be suitable for a Guest who is pregnant, or perhaps has a disability or illness, in which case a doctor’s note may be required in order to receive treatments.  Please be aware; for safety reasons our treatment beds have a weight capacity of approx. 20 stone / 280 lb / 127 kg and length of approx. 6 foot.  Should your measurements exceed this, please let the team know and we can make alternative arrangements for your treatments.

Fees: All fees for services arranged are to be pre-paid to My Personal Sanctuary, and the Treatment Day Organiser will be bound by this price even if Guests choose not have their treatment/s. Once a therapist/s has been confirmed, we ask that the full balance be paid 14 days prior to the treatment day.

Changes to Booking
Changes made to the treatment day schedule, treatment/s or change of address with less than 48 hours’ notice may result in the termination of the treatment day with no refund. My Personal Sanctuary will try to accommodate changes with less than 48 hours’ notice, however, the Treatment Day Organiser may incur an administration fee.

MPS Booking & Cancellation
Please visit our terms and conditions webpage for further details regarding booking and cancellation.

Therapist Allocation
Prior to your treatment day, My Personal Sanctuary will allocate a suitable therapist/s to the Treatment Day Organiser and event based upon your needs and the treatments you decide you would like to fill your package with.  If the therapist allocated to your booking is unable to offer your chosen treatments, we will offer suitable suggestions for alternatives. My Personal Sanctuary will obtain all relevant work permits, qualifications and insurance documents as required by law in relation to engagement of a therapist/s.
The Treatment Day Organiser is aware that the therapist/s provided are not employees of My Personal Sanctuary. Our therapist/s are self-employed.

The Treatment Day
Scheduled Therapist Breaks: The Treatment Day Organiser should be aware that the therapist/s is entitled to pre – scheduled breaks during the course of the treatment day.  Although My Personal Sanctuary may not have not allocated breaks for the therapist, please respect that pampering can be hard work, so in between a more strenuous treatment/s i.e. massage, the therapist/s may require a short break.

Room Set Up: The Treatment Day Organiser will ensure that adequate space is provided for the therapist to perform their treatment/s. We suggest that all treatments are to be done in a double bedrooms and that any over flow can be brought in another bedroom or the living room. We use 6 foot heated treatment beds for a lot of our treatments, so please ensure there is adequate room for the therapist/s to walk around them.  The therapist will require access to power and fresh, warm water.

What to Wear: We would like you and your Guests to be as cosy and comfortable as possible, so we suggest that wearing a dressing gown is perfect for the event. If you would be more comfortable to cover up a little more, pyjamas are an ideal second option. It’s nice to keep your feet cosy and warm prior to your treatment, so either some thick socks or slippers will make sure of this.
Jewellery – we ask that you take all jewellery off so that our therapists can work without any restrictions. We ask that you put anything like this in a safe place, as we cannot accept responsibility for anything that gets lost or damaged.

Hot Tub: If you are staying in a location that has hot tub facilities, we advise you use them prior to treatments in order to warm up & relax your muscles. Our products & oils are organic and very kind to the environment, but please if you do wish to use the hot tub straight after treatments can you to have a light shower, thank you.
Warning: Freshly painted nails can & will bubble in the hot tub and need a minimum of 3 to 4hrs drying time, every customers nails are different so drying time varies.

Therapist Arrival Time: In order to make sure your treatment room is set up properly for you’re pamper session; your therapist will need to arrive half an hour before your treatments are due to start. During this time, she will make sure the treatment bed is heated and that your oils and warm towels are ready.

Therapist Arrival: The My Personal Sanctuary therapist/s is welcomed by the Treatment Day Organiser upon arrival. If available, we ask that you please reserve a car parking space at the property for your therapist to unload their equipment safely.  Assistance will be required with any heavy equipment on stairs please.

Health Questionnaire: The Treatment Day Organiser will ensure that all Guest/s have signed the appropriate health questionnaires prior to receiving treatment/s. These will have been sent to you by email prior to your treatment day and are also available online at:  Health & Safety
Therapists are not responsible for any allergic reactions if consent has been given for treatment/s and allergies were not declared.

My Personal Sanctuary Welcome Chat: Before your treatments begin, your therapist will have a small chat with you all about the day, so please inform your party of the get-together prior to treatments.

Food and Drink: It can be difficult to fully enjoy your lovely treatments with a rumbling tummy, so we ask that you have something light to eat beforehand. It’s a good idea to have plenty of refreshments available for after the pampering session, so that your body can feel truly indulged.
Alcohol: My Personal Sanctuary are aware that treatment days are social events, however, we ask that the Treatment Day Organiser will take all responsibilities to ensure that Guest/s limit their intake of alcoholic beverages prior to receiving treatment/s. The legal limit for driving is a suitable guideline. Therapist/s may refuse treatment/s to any Treatment Day Organiser or Guest/s if the therapist/s believe too much alcohol has been consumed before treatment/s. Therapist/s are within their rights not to offer treatment/s to the Guest/s/concerned, should their behaviour be inappropriate or under the influence of drugs, with no refund.

Timings: The Treatment Day Organiser will ensure that Guest/s arrives in time for their pre scheduled treatment/s. The freelance therapist/s will make every effort to accommodate any changes due to lateness but in such an event My Personal Sanctuary will have no liability for any loss of treatment/s time.

Delays: My Personal Sanctuary has the right to charge the Treatment Day Organiser or Guest/s responsible for delays of more than 30 minutes from the agreed treatment day schedule. The amount of £10.00 for every 30 minutes delay should be paid to My Personal Sanctuary. Alternatively, the delayed time cost can be deducted across all Guest/s treatments.

Smoking: Freelance therapist/s requires a smoke free environment.

Ambience: Although we try very hard to make your treatments as relaxed and peaceful as possible, My Personal Sanctuary will not be liable for ambience of a treatment day due to the location/room chosen for treatment/s, as this is not provided by My Personal Sanctuary.

Completion of the Treatment Day: My Personal Sanctuary will do its upmost to insure the completion of the engagement in its entirety. If any therapist/s is unable to perform his or her full engagement due to sickness, injury, or any other reason, My Personal Sanctuary would use all resources necessary by providing an alternative therapist/s. Should any part of the engagement not be fulfilled in its entirety, My Personal Sanctuary will deduct on a pro-rata basis the cost of the unfulfilled proportion of the engagement.

Losses and Expenses: My Personal Sanctuary shall not be liable to the Treatment Day Organiser or Guest/s for any loss, injury, damage, expense or delay suffered by the Treatment Day Organiser or the Guests. This exclusion shall extend (but not be limited) to the consequences of any act or omission (whether wilful, negligent, reckless, dishonest or otherwise) which take place during the treatment day on the part of the freelance therapist/s or the Treatment Day Organiser or the Guest/s. The Treatment Day Organiser acknowledges that My Personal Sanctuary charges are set on the basis that it has no such liability.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers can be purchased offering a range of treatment/s to the value of your choice. They make ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines’ or Christmas. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. They are not transferable or refundable.


Thank you for taking the time to read this document & we hope that it has helped answer any questions you might have about your spa treatment day.  
If you would like to speak with a member of our team please call 01625 540 557.

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