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We’ve had company in the office…

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picture2This week we’ve had the pleasure of the lovely, youthful Freya, who’s been here on her work experience.

Our team have all enjoyed passing on their pearls of wisdom to Freya giving her a good all round knowledge of a small business.  Providing this kind of experience for young people is something we believe is so important for the future of our industry and society.


Freya has written about her week with us, which we’d like to share… enjoy!


picture4“I didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous to begin with.  I enjoyed working with different people in different departments especially Megan in events, seeing how and booking was developed from start to finish.

After all this hard work I was feeling worn out so I was treated to experience my first ever treatment at the hands of MPS.



Before treatment I felt that the stones were going to be too hot, but they were more relaxing and comforting than I expected.  During the treatment I was so relaxed that I fell asleep, the stones warmed and melted my muscles and released my tension. The music was very calming.

I understand why people book the treatments for special events, and because I have experienced this hot stone treatment I would like to book more and try other treatments.

I enjoyed the benefits of feeling warm, cosy, sleepy, and felt more refreshed the next day.

My experience at MPS has help prepare me for my future and help me understand about business in general.  I have understood the overall operations and how each department links together, and that communication, customer service and good working relationships is so important.

I have also learnt that marketing your business via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter help the company to be shown on a wider scale.  Independent customers reviews and ratings are also hugely beneficial and help to show larger amounts of people the business and brand.

In conclusion, I have enjoyed working in an office for the first time, thank you.”


30th June 2017

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Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie joined Gillie in the company’s infancy to help develop and grow new business, and being the technical brains in our team, it seems there’s nothing IT or finance related that Lizzie can’t do. With a scientific background and family history in natural health, her technical and holistic skills combined are the ideal partner for Gillie’s vision for MPS. Understanding the needs of customers, therapists and holiday providers, Lizzie has crafted the strategies, procedures and systems to help MPS function as it does today, and thankfully for us, she’s a very patient person. A lover of the countryside and its pursuits, Lizzie, along with her husband Paul, their two girls and daft Labrador, Crumble, enjoys life outdoors whenever the opportunity arises.

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