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A Day In The Life Of An MPS Therapist

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Ever wondered what a career as a mobile luxury spa therapist is like? This week we’ve handed over the reigns of the blog to Helen Turfrey, one of our highly skilled therapists based in the North East, to reveal exactly what’s involved…

I’ve been working as a mobile therapist for My Personal Sanctuary (MPS) for almost two years now. I’m self-employed and manage my own private bookings during the week and work on MPS events at the weekends. There’s a natural balance Helen Turfrey 1between the two roles and I enjoy the flexibility and variety the combination offers. I really look forward to finding out whose celebration or private retreat I’ll be visiting each weekend.

The MPS events team is absolutely fantastic at planning and organising client bookings and making sure I get all the information I need well in advance of the event. They’re so friendly and helpful, particularly when dealing with any last minute changes or requests, and they’re committed to delivering a top-quality experience for the client.

The day before an appointment I always check the booking details – how many people, what treatments they’ve booked, how to get to the location and what products I’ll need to take with me. I always keep my car fully stocked with supplies – oils, lotions, robes, blankets and, of course, the luxurious heated treatment bed. I would be quite warm and comfortable if my car ever broke down on a winter’s day!

On arrival at the venue I gather the group around for the welcome chat. I’ll introduce myself and the holistic values of MPS, confirm all the treatment details and explain what to expect for each one. Clients have the option of having their treatment with calming background music or in complete silence. Silence can be highly beneficial and ultra-relaxing, particularly in a treatment such as a massage or facial. I take the opportunity to explain how treatments can be tailored to the individual and allow clients to sample the Neal’s Yard Remedies oils and select whether they’d prefer a relaxing, energising or more revitalising scent. At this point I also double-check that everyone has completed a health questionnaire and has let me know about any conditions I need to be aware of.

Once I’ve answered any questions, I’ll set up my equipment in an appropriate room. It’s important to choose the right space for the treatments, a place I can transform into a personal sanctuary using the right lighting, candles, scents and equipment. Then I’ll begin the first treatment. No two clients are the same, therefore no two treatments are ever the same. I love being able to bring the atmosphere of a luxury spa to a client’s property. Creating a positive environment where they can escape external pressures is so rewarding. The client’s reaction at the end of the treatment is always so appreciative – they feel properly pampered!

The part of my job I enjoy the most is meeting such diverse and interesting groups of people. MPS clients could be couples, families or groups. Just last weekend I delivered treatments to a Hen Party of 10 staying in two cottages and each guest had a 30 minute treatment. This meant being on my feet for 5 hours but I soon forgot about that when the lovely ladies brought me tea and cake between treatments! Another day I might be visiting a couple taking a relaxing break in a remote log cabin in Yorkshire. It’s a great feeling to be part of someone else’s holiday or celebration, to really help them relax and unwind.

I’ve got to know some of the other MPS therapists in my region through working alongside them on larger events, which is great fun. Although we work remotely, we really feel part of a larger team. If you’re considering joining the MPS team I would say ‘Go for it!’. It’s a highly rewarding job which offers flexibility and opportunities to meet amazing people and visit stunning locations. My only piece of advice would be to make sure you’re well-organised, plan your driving routes in advance and leave yourself plenty of time to get there!

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Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie joined Gillie in the company’s infancy to help develop and grow new business, and being the technical brains in our team, it seems there’s nothing IT or finance related that Lizzie can’t do. With a scientific background and family history in natural health, her technical and holistic skills combined are the ideal partner for Gillie’s vision for MPS. Understanding the needs of customers, therapists and holiday providers, Lizzie has crafted the strategies, procedures and systems to help MPS function as it does today, and thankfully for us, she’s a very patient person. A lover of the countryside and its pursuits, Lizzie, along with her husband Paul, their two girls and daft Labrador, Crumble, enjoys life outdoors whenever the opportunity arises.

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