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A Good Spa Guide Spa Spy recently reviewed our services!

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A Good Spa Guide Spa Spy recently reviewed our services! 

The expert spa spies are passionate about all things spa and most importantly they are trusted by spa fanatics… so we were eager to hear what they thought of our unique services.

Read about what the spy had to say…

Let the spa come to you

I am lying on a heated treatment bed in a seaside holiday house having a deeply wonderful massage and facial, smothered in organic Neal’s Yard skin care products and feeling utterly relaxed. This is surely the best possible way to start a vacation. Usually I take a week to wind down, especially if the journey was a nightmare. But after two hours in my therapist’s competent hands, I’m a completely different person: calm, de-stressed, all the knots in my shoulders vanished…

Posted on July 16th, 2015


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About The Author
Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie joined Gillie in the company’s infancy to help develop and grow new business, and being the technical brains in our team, it seems there’s nothing IT or finance related that Lizzie can’t do. With a scientific background and family history in natural health, her technical and holistic skills combined are the ideal partner for Gillie’s vision for MPS. Understanding the needs of customers, therapists and holiday providers, Lizzie has crafted the strategies, procedures and systems to help MPS function as it does today, and thankfully for us, she’s a very patient person. A lover of the countryside and its pursuits, Lizzie, along with her husband Paul, their two girls and daft Labrador, Crumble, enjoys life outdoors whenever the opportunity arises.

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